JuveLine Cure&Cover

Loose Mineral Foundations and Blushes
for Problem-Skin

Professionals are especially warning their patients not to put make-up on their inflamed or acne skin, in most cases not without a reason, for the products can be irritating and or cause the formation of blackheads that can further worsen the condition of the skin.
However it is obvious that it is exactly in the case of patients with various skin problems, where there is a serious need for us to offer a solution to cover permanent or temporary aesthetic problems, without irritating the skin with this. In fact, if it is possible we would like to help the healing process and supplement the therapy.
The mineral pigments offer a solution for this dual demand. The new and descriptively called Cure & Cover foundation and blush powders are made of zinc oxide. Due to its anti-inflammatory effect, zinc oxide is an old friend in the treatment of acne. It is important that it ensures a natural UV protection based on the principle of light absorption, and protects against UVA and UVB rays, thereby it also protects from the dangers of photo pigmentation.
With the Cure & Cover products we also wish to target teenagers, who are forced to endure the smaller-bigger immaculates exactly in the time of their life when they would like to be the prettiest. We treat their skin problems, protect their skin from the external effects and beside all this perhaps we can also treat their souls a little bit in this difficult time!
The new JuveLine formulas are lighter, more sheer, more matte than the classic PANDHY’S™ foundation and blushes.

PANDHY’S™ JuveLine Cure&Cover Loose Mineral Foundation

Loose mineral foundation is the purest, most natural-looking form of foundation available. When applied sparingly, and with the correct brush, your face will appear flawless, yet as close the look of real skin as possible.

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PANDHY’S™ JuveLine Cure&Cover Loose Mineral Blush

From dusty rose to deep mauve, our blushes will brighten up your cheeks in a soft, natural way. PANDHY’S™ blushes are made from a silky, sheer formula that's easily blendable and long-wearing. These are pure pigment and can be used on the nails and lips as well.

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